The 2023 IEEE International Electrical and Energy Conference held in Hefei

On May 12-14, 2023, the 6th IEEE China International Conference on Electrical and Energy (CIEEC 2023), was held on-site in Hefei, China. CIEEC 2023 was approved and led by China Association for Science and Technology, co-hosted by China Electrotechnical Society (CES), IEEE Beijing Section and Hefei University of Technology, and technically supported by IEEE Industrial Applications Society and IEEE Nanjing Section. The conference attracted 1200 registered participants, with 827 papers and 17 abstracts accepted after careful evaluation by 300 professors and industry experts.

Prof Yang Qingxin, General Chair of CIEEC and President of CES, Prof Yu Qijun, Secretary of the Party Committee of Hefei University of Technology,  Mr. Zhou Mengqi, Vice President of IEEE China Council and Vice Chair of IEEE Beijing Section, and other academic leaders and experts attended the opening ceremony and delivered welcoming speeches. Prof Ding Lijian, Vice President of Hefei University of Technology, chaired the ceremony.

Keynote speeches were delivered by world-leading experts in the fields of electrical and energy, including Prof Li Jiangang, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering & President of the Energy Research Institute of Hefei National Science Center, Prof Ding Yulong, Fellow of Royal Academy of Engineering & founding Director of University of Birmingham Centre for Energy Storage, Prof Chang Liuchen, Fellow of Canadian Academy of Engineering, Prof Zhu Jianguo from The University of Sydney, Australia, Prof. Nikos Hatziargyriou, Life Fellow of IEEE, from the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), Prof. Stig Munk-Nielsen from Aalborg University, Denmark, Dr. Arnost Kopta, CTO of SwissSEM, Switzerland, Prof Li Liyi from Harbin Institute of Technology, and Prof Zhang Xing from Hefei University of Technology. They talked about magnetic confinement fusion, zero-carbon energy storage, new energy power electronics, distributed energy regulation, medium voltage power modules, wide bandgap power devices, high-performance electric drive, space electromagnetic environment simulation, etc., and shared academic and engineering practice achievements.

On May 12, four Tutorial Sections on “Mission-Profile-Based Testing and Evaluation for Reliability of Power Electronics”, “Advanced Linear Machines and Drive Systems”, “: Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Power System” and “Application of non-thermal plasma for carbon neutrality” were organized and delivered by Associate Prof. Ke Ma,Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Prof. Wei Xu, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Prof. Yi Tang, Southeast University and Prof. Shaojun Xu, Hefei University of Technology.

On May 14th, 20 academic and technical symposiums were arranged, covering the frontiers of electrical engineering disciplines and energy equipment technology. Concurrently, 70 sub-forums were organized for academic presentations, industrial forums, special sessions, and poster exhibitions. The topics included New Energy Power System, Electrical Equipment Condition Perception and Evaluation, Advanced Electrical Machine System, Emerging interdiscipline with Electrical Engineering, High-Efficiency Power Conversion, New Energy Infrastructure, Smart Operation and Maintenance, Integrated Energy System, New Energy Generation Technique, Machine Drives and Controls, Power Market and Demand Response, High-Reliability and Intelligent Power Electronics Technology, Plasma Science Technology and Applications, Power Electronics Devices, Packaging, and System Integration, Advanced Electrical Materials and Applications, Smart Energy Electrical Equipment, Superconducting Technology,  Application & Wireless Power Transmission, and more.

At the closing ceremony, Prof Ma Mingyao, Technical Program Committee Chair from Hefei University of Technology, provided a comprehensive conference summary and announced the winners of the Excellent Paper Awards. The next CIEEC will be held in Harbin, China, hosted by Harbin University of Technology.

CIEEC, established by CES, is a top international electrical and energy engineering conference and has been included in the prestigious IEEE international conference series. Its objective is to provide a platform for scientists, researchers and engineers in the electrical and energy fields in China and abroad to showcase their academic achievements, promote the commercialization of technological advances, and facilitate collaborations. CIEEC also aims to support the country's primary strategic needs for achieving carbon peaking and carbon neutrality by enhancing manufacturing in electrical and energy engineering equipment and promoting the global transition to intelligent energy and low-carbon electrical equipment by addressing the scientific issues and development directions of this transition.